Tiny Tim and Mr. Plym

Life as we knew it

Up until now, the name Tiny Tim generated an endless stream of questions no one could answer and assumptions, mostly false.  So Tiny Tim remained a puzzle and an unsolved mystery.  For the first time ever, the one man who knew him like a brother turns the key and opens the door to Tiny Tim’s life – a world more touching, bizarre, hysterical, and fun than you could imagine.   Sincere, talented, guileless, open-hearted, and a little bit mad, Tiny Tim was always a riot. This book is a first-hand, insider’s look at his incredible life and the story of a twosome every bit as entertaining and remarkable as any classic sitcom pair.

“A fascinating book about the most mysterious figure in show business." "Who was this man who took the world by storm?" This book now provides the elusive answer. Don’t miss it!!


-Minke Ewing, author of million-selling JFK book

       Coinsidence Or Conspiracy

“What an intriguing experience! "Sometimes you pick up a book totally unprepared for the surprises it contains. This memoir is that kind of fun. You’ll be up all night, anxious to savor each page and finish it in one sitting.“


- George Mair, author of biographies of Oprah Whinfrey, Liza Minnelli. Bette Midler; Rosie O’Donnell, Barry Diller, and more.

Stephen Plym, Tiny Tim and Stan Reynolds, President of Variety Club International, on stage for annual TV Telethon.

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