Tiny Timisms

Tiny Tim always wore a tie morning, noon and night. Mr. Plym never saw him without a tie ever. He even wore it to bed!

Tiny Tim proudly wore his long hair messed up and during the 25 years Mr. Plym knew him, he never once picked up a comb!?

Tiny Tim was a great baritone singer with incredible stamina and range of style. The high falsetto voice was a gimmick and a diversion he used for effect.

Here's Stephen saying "Where's my dough?""

Tiny Tim's one true consistent passionate love was New York City. "I will be in love with the good ol' Manhattan Isle," he would say. "She is the only woman who never hurt me."

Stephen and Tiny at mom's house Christmas Eve.

Tiny Tim liked to say, "Ah, Romance... a wonderful thing spoiled by bad breath and body odors." 

"Art is a line at the box office." Tiny Tim would always say. TINY with BUDDY EBSON, star of the hit TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies" in Las Vegas. Tiny's first question to "Uncle Jed" was "Where is Miss Ellie?"

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